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Hey! How did you find my blog?
So this is a fandom/personal blog and here you will find variety of Hannibal,Roosterteeth, Sherlock, Anime, Doctor Who, Supernatural and various other things (full lists of fandoms in my tags page)

understoodthatreference replied to your post: Hi hannah you’re fabulous bye hannah <3

It’s fine I just wanted to tell you your fabulous and ilu ok and sorry if I creeped you out ok i’m just a stalker so ;) AND OKAY I’M SORRY HANNAH

Daaaaaaw well I love you too Kiera and you are fabulous <3 don’t worry, you won’t creep me out and besides

  1. mattkarens said: omfG hannah that is the best reaction image i’ve ever seen ngl! And you’re totally right okk <3
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